On my first visit to Asia, during my first week in Malaysia and on my first trip on an island there, I got pregnant on the beach, with a baby sand fly. I never got to know the father, it was more of a “bite and run” kind of a romance.

It started like a normal trip, with a lot of touristy activities. We went snorkeling with turtles, reef sharks, and other hundred colorful fishes. To rest after a long day, we decided to stay on the beach, enjoying the sun and updating our tan. All went well, or that’s what we thought.

I need to mention that insects love me. All of them. You know those normal flies that are everywhere? Well, they bite me. Or the normal house ants? They bite me too. Can’t go out of the house without repellent.

That night on the island, we had experienced a massive gang of mosquitos that left us with a lot of bites, itchy for more than a week after. Except one, on my right thigh, that lasted more than that. It looked like a combination between a pimple that hurts and a mosquito bite that’s itchy.

I only got worried after a month, when I was on a trip to Singapore. Just then, I realized a few weeks have passed and my mosquito bite was not healing. Like a typical Romanian, I took the problem into my hands, before going to a doctor. I tried to squeeze the pimple and I applied some antibiotic cream on it. “That will do it!” I said confidently.

Well, it didn’t take long to see that my pimple was extending, in a weird way. Nothing was moving, just that it looked like my pimple was growing roots, actually just one.

This was getting weird! So, I decided to do what any sane Romanian would do! To put more cream on it. These cream, you need to understand, that all my family uses it for everything! Did you get burned? You use it! Did you get an insect bite? You use it! Did you get a pimple? You use it! That’s how we do it! Only if you are dead you go to the doctor. Nothing in between.

Anyway, my pimple extended more and it wasn’t stopping. No even with my miracle cream. So, I decided is time to go to a doctor. Maybe pimples in Asia are not used with the Romanian creams.

The doctor just looked at my invincible pimple and gave a verdict in a second: “It’s a baby larva from a sand fly! You’ve been to the beach lately?”



You know those gross, scary things that you see on Discovery Channel and make you decide on the spot that you’ll never experience them? You are so sure that something as gross as a larva in your skin will never ever happen to you because it’s just impossible and you’ll just not let it happen? I used to think like that too, till this doctor told me that I’m having a larva in my leg.

We had to take it out! Immediately! But, it’s not that easy to take something out when it has only 1-2mm.

So, the doctor decided to kill it by freezing it with an ice spray, that is used usually by athletes. He sprayed with it for almost a minute on my baby larva. I can only say that it hurts like hell. It’s like keeping a block of ice for a long time on your skin. After the ice went away, it started to swollen and hurt even more.

The next days the view wasn’t a pretty one. My skin got burned by that spray and started to look really bad. It hurt even to walk because the skin stretches when you do. And guess what? The doctor gave me also an antibiotic cream to apply it to the burn. So they their own miracle cream like us 😎

In a few weeks, my burned skin went all away, and with it also the remains of the baby larva. I can only imagine I was this white only when I was born.  I thought it’s going to take a while to get tan this new “watch” on my thigh, but I was wrong. It got dark really fast.

Only after 2 years, the scar finally went away and now I’m off the hook explaining to people what happened to my leg. At one point I got so tired to say the story that I started to be more creative, like:  I got bitten by a shark, my gun was still hot when I put it in the secret holder strap or, that I used my leg as a coaster for the hot tea.

So, this is the story of how I got pregnant on the beach, with a baby larva. We spent a few great weeks together traveling around Malaysia and even abroad, in Singapore.

Scared to go to the beach? Neah! I visited all the islands in Malaysia and traveled for 2 years all around Asia! And guess what? Perhentian is still my favorite island, that I plan to visit it again, on the 2 years anniversary.

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