I know, traveling alone might sound scary, especially if you’ve never done it before, but it could be the best thing you’ll ever do. It changes you in ways you’ve never thought it can be possible, and it will build your self-confidence faster than any other experience.

I’ve always traveled with my friends, and I’ve always admired the ones who traveled alone. But somehow, I’ve found it to be too scary to actually do it. Up until one day.

Becoming a digital nomad means that I can travel more, that I can leave the normal desk job behind, and go on vacation mode as much and for as long as I want.


But then, the desire to travel overcame my fear of traveling alone. I took my backpack and I stopped overthinking. I just started living my dream, to travel the world by myself.

Traveling alone has helped me grow my self-confidence and it taught me so many things:

1. You only do what makes you happy

When you travel with someone you need to be adaptable, so you end up doing some compromises. And that’s ok, it’s normal, and it has its beauty. But sometimes, it is so liberating to know that you can plan however you want, that you have only one opinion and only your feelings to take into consideration.

Traveling alone is the best thing ever because you only do what makes YOU happy. You don’t have to make compromises, you only do what YOU want to do and that’s just perfect. You visit what you want, you eat where you want and you make your own schedule depending on your mood and interests.

2. You get to know yourself better

But why is it so scary to travel alone? Is it because you feel alone? (Duh!) Because you feel the need to share this experience with someone? Yes, it is totally normal, we are social beings and we feel the need to socialize, to share. Or is it because you feel it is pointless to travel if you do not have someone in your life? Whatever the reason is, let me ask you a question! Who is the most important being in your life? Yes, you are the most important being in your life! (And if you didn’t answer this, it is ok, I forgive you 😉 ). If you are not ok, nothing around you is ok. You need to build up a relationship with yourself! And how can you do that? Well, how do you build up a good relationship with someone? You invest time, you give the other person the space to manifest himself/herself, without judgments, and you accept him/her as they truly are. So this is how to build up the relationship with yourself also! And believe me, traveling alone gives you so many opportunities and new situations through which you get to know yourself better! Through which you get to be more compassionate with yourself and to accept yourself as you are!


3. You are friendlier

When you travel with your friends you don’t get to interact that much with other people. Maybe because you don’t feel the need to do it, maybe because you feel it’s enough to share those moments with your friends only.

But when you travel alone you have to talk to other people, it is human nature. You easily become friendlier and eager to start conversations with strangers. You improve your social skills and you do it without any pressures, without even realizing it.

4. You can take your sweet time

How many times did you get frustrated when things didn’t go according to your plans because you might have had to wait for your friends to wake up and get ready to go? Or how many times did you feel bad because your friends were waiting for you? Either way, it is annoying and sometimes you just need your time. You are on vacation and you want to enjoy your time as you wish.

Traveling alone makes it all so great because you can take your sweet time to do whatever you want. If you are the kind of person that likes to party but the next day will be the first one up, to visit all the main attractions, then you can do that without waiting for your friend’s hangover to go away. Or if you are the kind of person that will take a vacation from the vacation and just relax in the hotel watching movies whole day, you can just do that and you’ll not have the feeling of missing out. You can continue the vacation mode next day and nobody will complain about it. I’m telling you, it’s the best thing ever! By taking your time and relax, you’ll enjoy traveling like never before.


5. You are never alone if you don’t want to

You would think that traveling alone will make you feel really lonely, but this isn’t the case. You are alone only if you want and only if you feel the need to have your own time. Traveling is the most sociable activity one can experience. You meet people all the time, at your accommodation, when you eat, when you go out or even on a bridge (this is another story for another time 🙂 ).

The point is, that in all my trips, while traveling alone, I’ve always found travel companions. They had the same interests as me and I felt so comfortable to share my journeys with them! And I’ve only joined them when I wanted to.


6. You only travel with people you like

Your needs and your well being is the most important, so you don’t have to make any compromises on who are you sharing your time with. You only travel with people you like and you have a connection with. Some of my best friends, I’ve met while traveling and this is the best thing ever! I’ve made friends for life and I’m grateful for that. Me spending time with people I don’t like only for the sake of not being alone, would not have made space for the people that I actually want in my life.


Traveling alone builds a great confidence in yourself and that’s a great start for anything you will do in your life. You proved yourself you can do it, you can travel alone, you can adapt to unpredictable situations, you become more responsible and you just learn how to make the best of it. The fact that you conquered your fear of traveling alone, unleashes the power within you, that you can do whatever you set your mind to. This is why traveling alone is the best thing you’ll ever do!


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