There are plenty of weird things in Asia that never stop to amaze me, every single day. I never know what to expect each time I open a menu or what I’ll find on the next shelf in the convenience store.

In Asia, after “3” doesn’t follow “4”

Here, after 3 follows 3a. In Cantonese, the number 4, the way is written, is similar to the word death and because the Chinese people are extremely superstitious, the number 4 is mainly non-existent.

In Malaysia, no building has the 4th floor and God forbid to get a 4 in your phone number or your car’s plate. And, who knows, maybe even at school they get 3a for not doing the homework. 🤔

The desserts are made with vegetables

Being a tropical country, Malaysia has plenty of fruits; there are some of them that I’ve never heard of. Despite that, putting fruits in the desserts is too mainstream for the Asians, so they fill them with vegetables, like corn or red beans. But I didn’t know that from the beginning and I learned it on the hard way. I bought some chocolate buns or that I thought they were because of the cacao beans from the label; they look the same as the red beans. 🤦‍♀️

ABC (ais kacang) is their national desserts and translates in “bean ice”. It contains red beans, sweet corn, grass jelly, peanuts, a lot of ice and sweet syrups.

Ice cream on bread

I’ve found an ice cream here, which is definitely stolen from Romania. The British scientists will soon discover on our national territory some fossils of ice cream on bread. I think we are the biggest nation of bread eaters, we eat it with everything! Literally everything! With soups, all kinds of stew, even with rice or watermelon. I wonder how come we never thought of eating it with ice cream too.

I was not surprised at all when I’ve found rice ice cream in Asia; it was to be expected considering how much rice they eat here. But ice cream on bread? This is definitely stolen from us and we forgot about it.

Fork and knife spoon

In Asia, you have two ways to eat what’s on the plate or on the banana leaf: with a fork and a spoon or, just your right hand; the knife is not part of their cutlery.  So, you can choose to cut the meat from your plate with the edge of the spoon or just rip it off with your right-hand fingers. You cannot use your left hand to help the process because it’s considered rude (read here to find out why).

Juice, Sky Juice

The tap water is not the same as back home. Here, even the water reinvented itself; you can find it in the menu by its 007 name: Sky Juice.

Take your phone with you, in the afterlife

There are some things that we cannot imagine our lives without, but what about the afterlife “life”? When you die, you cannot take your belonging with you, or do you? Some Buddhists think they can, or at least some from Malaysia they do.

If you cannot “live” without your phone, laptop, maid or even your mansion in your afterlife, now you can take them with you. How? You just burn the copies of your belonging in the temples and done! I guess they “die” too and are sent to your heaven?!?You can read more here.

This Lady sent to her granpa a car. I guess he’s too old to be able to walk, in heaven. Maybe the public transport is not that good there, and a car would make his afterlife easier.


Get un-tanned your lady parts

In the western world, the beauty standards are so different compared to the eastern ones. While back home being tanned makes you look sexy, by our beauty standards, here things are the opposite and everything should be fair, literally everything!

What about a massage, while you are peeing?

For sure you’ve heard about Thai massages! They are awesome and really affordable all over Asia. But, in Thailand, they took a little too far their hospitality.

I cannot get bored here in Asia, it’s an entertainment show everywhere I go and everything from back home, here has a substitute, I replaced the bread with the cheese naan, the apple pie with the sticky rice cakes and the outside cold with the one inside every building.


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