Actually, in Bali, the correct order is this: you eat as much as you can, you love every monkey that you meet on the road, and you pray to stay there forever.

Bali is like a mixed shawarma

From friendly monkeys to poop coffee, from crowded beaches to hidden temples in the jungle, from sky bar parties to feeding colorful fishes with bananas, here you can find everything.

Even though it is a touristic destination, you can still taste the authenticity of the place through the traditions you’ll encounter anywhere you look. You can see weddings on the side of the street, and how they take offerings to the temples, or how men keep the tradition by wearing the samping ( a traditional men skirt).

The only thing I regret is not staying there for a longer period; it was a short trip for the New Year’s Eve party.

I stayed 2 days in the heart of the island, in Ubud. Yeah, where the movie Eat, Pray, Love with Julia Roberts was made. Too bad Kutut died a few months before I got there.


We’ve rented a car with a driver and we went to see the temples near Ubud, to swim in Tegenungan Waterfall, to play with the monkeys in Sacred Monkey Forest and to have lunch near Gunung Batubrok volcano,  with a holy cold beer besides.

The next two days we stayed in Seminyak, a town by the beach, on the west side of the island. We chose to spend New Year’s Eve in a Skybar where we were able to see the amazing fireworks of all coast. This year, the traditional New Year’s food was in a supermarket, at 3 AM; we were in a rush.

The first day of the year was about to start and was going to be all inclusive

At 7 AM a car picked us up from the hostel and took us to the ferry, we were going to an island near by, Nusa Penida. From there, we had our own boat that took us in a few different spots to snorkel but also it took us on a gorgeous beach to have lunch. I think it is better to rent a boat so you can plan your own itinerary. The organized tours are usually done in a rush and it doesn’t let you enjoy the sites as you would like to. It is the same price ’cause the boat you’ll rent is smaller in dimensions.

This is why I had more time to enjoy the corals and feed the fishes.

At the end of the day, we’ve decided that we deserve a treat so we went to a SPA. A small Filipino woman stepped on my back rearranging all the bones in my body. It was the best massage ever! When we arrived we were like zombies but when we left we were recharged and ready to party again.


So much beauty

How can there be a place like this? It is so much beauty on a single island that it’s incredible!

I remember a moment of excitement when I was visiting a Luwak poop coffee farm (do you have a better name?). You know! The most expensive coffee in the world. So, while I was holding that coffee poop I asked the girl that was working there, ‘How is to live in one of the most beautiful places in the world’? The richest people, from all over the world, decide to move there. What can she ask for more, she’s already there.

And then another question popped into my mind ‘If I had to choose to give up everything that I have and to choose to be born there, would I do it?’

I wouldn’t have examples to compare that life with, everything that I appreciate at this place now, it would be too common for me, so it would not be the same joy that I feel now, and I would probably desire for things that I wouldn’t have. Maybe I would wish to see and feel the snow like they do, without knowing that the cold will freeze your toes in the warmest boots, or that when the snow melts it feels like you walk backward.

So, thinking again, I appreciate more the place where I was born, so I can enjoy places like Bali.

What about you? If you were to choose,  what would you choose?


My itinerary and budget for this Bali Trip



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