It’s been nearly a year since I’ve been living here and I’ve got a better idea of what and how things work around here, in Malaysia.

I got used eating with the spoon and fork anything that lands on my plate; even soup or salad. I guess you can get more food in the spoon this way and it’s even easier to grab it. My pants disagreed! they started screaming on me, after a few months. Actions have been taken.



And guess who can eat spicy now?


Slowly, I got used to spicy food. Contrary to my expectations, I still can taste the food while my mouth is on fire. I even tried once some bad motherf*#@! Korean noodles. My ears clogged that I could bearly hear. Living on the edge, I know! That’s me!


BFF with the AC

And with the warm weather, I made peace because I became BFF with the AC. I still think they exaggerate with it, at least at work or in the subway, but in the rest of the places is very welcomed.

Sometimes I get remarks such as “You are so Malay now! You can’t live  without AC anymore?”

Well, if it’s so hot and wet! What can I do?


But yeah, finally I understood why there are such low temperatures indoors. Muslims need to be more covered because their religion requires it. But at the same time, I admire them for standing the heat outside.

Do you speak English? Can!

And now I understand what they are telling me! All the accents! Apparently, it wasn’t just my problem. Everyone who visited me had the same problem, of understanding their accent. In time you get used to it.

“Can” means “yes, I can”.


And … how the hell I confused them?

Well, when you don’t get in contact with faraway races, they all look identical.

Do you want to hear a good joke? All the white people look alike! :)))))))

But to be fair, this is what we think about Chinese people too, right?

Well not anymore! I can tell them apart now.

Do you think you can do better?





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