Life gives you lessons exactly where you need and I’ve received one … where I needed.

My first contact with hijabs and Islamic culture I had when I went to Dubai 2 years ago. I was very angry to see how the women there are required to be covered from head to toe. I did not understand why they accepted it.

All habits relate to the history and culture of the place. In the past, people crossed the desert on the camels and covered themselves with clothes, from head to toe, because of the sand. And they took them off only when they were arriving home. Over time, the necessity has become a habit. In Islamic culture, the woman is not allowed to show her hair or her skin of any man outside her husband, which she can only do at home, as in the past, when they were returning from the desert.


The hijab is no longer just a scarf on the head. It is a lifestyle that each one assumes differently and has gained more meanings over time.

A precious diamond

The Hijab must be worn to stop the unwanted eyes of men, in the opinion of the most possessive and jealous of them. A precious thing loses its worth if everyone has it; so it should be hidden, they say. I think it’s your decision, after all, if you want to show what you have only to your husband. Maybe because I’m coming from another culture, but to completely cover up for the rest of your life, it’s a hard to digest thought for me.


The interior is the one that matters more

For some of the Muslim women, the hijab has another meaning. They choose to wear it because they want to be considered for who they are, for their qualities, not for how they look. I totally respect this, if you ask me. Nowadays we have come to worry more about how we look outside, instead of worrying about how beautiful we are inside.


Because that’s the way it is

If they don’t do it because they are asked by their husband, because of fear of not finding a husband or because of their own beliefs, then they will do it because of the tradition or for their families. Most of them “choose” to wear the hijab because of the religion and the culture requires it.

How many of us would go outside of the cultural templates that we have? How many of us would choose to do something different that would “shame” our families? Maybe we are not as religious, but certainly we are not different from them, our beliefs are different, but in essence similar.


No, I did not convert. Not yet. (I’m joking mum! I’m sure you’re already panicking if you read this). I did a tutorial at work on how to put a hijab. I did not understand anything from it. But, the idea is that you need a head sock, a scarf and a lot of pins. If I would start practicing this sport, my thoughts would burst like a fountain from so many pins. (But I won’t mum! Chill!).

This sock keeps your hair inside the hijab. And the black noodles attached to it consider them like a push-up system, they give the illusion that you have a great hair under the hijab.

If you want to learn how to put a hijab check the video below. And don’t ask me what I’m saying, I have no clue.

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