You know that breathtaking waterfall, with crystal water, hidden in the jungle, that only the sexy actors from the movies find it? I found it too! And this is just one of the hidden gems in Langkawi, Malaysia.

I’ve been told there are better places and islands to visit in Malaysia, but to be honest, I think they underrated it. Langkawi is a great island for a weekend trip, with plenty of unique things to see and do there. 

How to get to Langkawi

We took a plane with AirAsia from Kuala Lumpur, with  RM120 round trip. If you plan ahead you can get it even cheaper.

Where to stay in Langkawi

We stayed at Tipsy Gipsy, a cute hostel with a really friendly staff. We paid RM30 per person to sleep in a mixed dorm; pretty cheap and the conditions are quite good. After we left the luggage in the room, we ate a burger in the hostel’s bar and we were invited to join the staff for a drink or two in the bars around. We returned back to the hostel around 4.

How to get around Langkawi

We rented a Myvi Perodua from the airport with RM50 per day. A really smart decision, cuz during the hot day you’ll need some nice AC and during the night some cover from the flying bugs. To rent a motorbike is RM25/day,  but if you are two of you, makes more sense to rent a car. 

What to do In Langkawi

Island Hopping Tour

The tours start from RM30 and they are available everywhere on the main street  – Jalan Pantai Cenang at the tourist agencies. They even can pick you up from the hostel if you would like.

The tour includes:

Eagle Watching

The boat will stop near an island and you can see from close eagles being fed. It is a great opportunity to get some nice shots with them.

Pregnant Maiden Lake

One of the islands that we visited was Dayang Bunting. After 5 minutes walk through the rainforest you arrive at a wonderful large freshwater lake called Lake Guillemard or Pregnant Maiden Lake. Here you can enjoy a nice swim.

A break on the beach

This a nice spot to do some snorkeling or to just chill on the beach, just be careful with the monkeys, they like to steal, well everything.

Cable Car

Prepare to cue if you go there on a weekend, or worst, on a public holiday. The price for the cable car is 55 for foreigners and 30 for Malaysians. You can buy online from here.

Sky Bridge

When you get up, with the cable car, you need to stay in line again, to buy the Sky Bridge ticket. If you take the stairs, is RM5 and if you take the elevator is around RM15-20.

The bridge is 125m long, at an altitude of 700m. The view from it is breathtaking.

Waterfall Telaga Tujuh

Also called Seven Wells Waterfall, can be seen from the cable car. The waterfall is a great place to chill and enjoy a natural massage.

Fire Show

On Pantai Cenang Beach there are plenty of fire shows from which to chose. Low Wrong Bar has the nicest one, but Kalut Bar has the most comfortable one. Here you can enjoy a fire show from the beanie bags.

Gunung Raya

A great place to enjoy a perfect sunset is on Gunung Raya’s top. The road to get there takes about an hour and it is not in a very good condition, but we managed easily with our old and small car to get there. The great thing is that not many people know about it and that makes it not crowded and peaceful.

Pasir Tengkorak Beach

We took a half day to enjoy the clear water and the white sand on Pasir….. I cannot even pronounce it. But was great! It is all you need before going back to work, the next day.

Temurun Waterfall

I cannot describe it in words! You can float for hours and enjoy the blue sky and the jungle sounds forever. It’s heavenly. This is my favourite place on the island and I found it only with a few hours before our departure.

If I would have had more time, not only a weekend, I would have stayed more. Is a great place to have fun, to enjoy the nature and also to party.

The Budget for Langkawi Trip

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