Towards  India, I was told that you can only have two feelings, nothing in between, love it or hate it. When I went there, I left my preconceptions at home; I wanted to make my own opinion about it.

The first day I spent there wasn’t very good, but this didn’t stop me from enjoying the experience or to make me nurture a bad opinion about this culture, which I was already feeling it with all my being.

When you go to India you have to leave all the cultural norms you have at home. Here doesn’t apply any rule from where you come from, that makes things work. You cannot judge them through the template of our principles. It is a whole different culture, another world, with other principles, with other customs. They will stare at you without any shame, they will push you if there is a queue they have to stand on, they will be very insistent if they want to sell you something and the list goes on. But, they will not feel offended if you bargain to the last rupee, if you push them too or if you do whatever they do. The concept of “not nice” to do something, in India does not have the same meaning.

But, of course, they also have their own principles, just that are different from ours. To show your affection to a friend, and here I refer to men, they do it by holding hands. Yeah, they hold each other by the hand, when they walk on the street and this doesn’t have any homosexual connotation. It’s weird, for us, but you get used to it and you get to see them as two kids who have not yet learned what social norms are.

Indians and our gypsy community

The gypsies that live in Romania are actually nomadic Indians, who have migrated a long time ago from northern India. It’s very interesting how, after nearly 1000 years, they still keep their culture, their language, and their habits wherever they live.

The similarities and differences between them are easy to see and help you understand them better. Now, I really understand them and I will not judge them the next time I meet them. Maybe I’ll just sit down and to tell them what I’ve lived in India, their country they never visited.

India is like a breath of air

We should appreciate a place through its past, through its history, only this way we can understand better why things are the way they are. India is like a breath of air. You breathe it as it is. You can not judge it, why it is as it is. It’s not its fault.


My  itinerary & budget for my trip to India



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