I love traveling with friends but not all the time our preferences match. And, I learned from the past, that if I want to do something, I should just do it, even if this means to travel solo. Because you never know when you’ll have the chance again.

So, I am a solo traveler sometimes. But, I don’t leave before I take a few safety measurements.

1. Pepper Spray

I never had to use it, thank’s God! But, I always have it near by, wherever I go, makes me feel safe.

2. A key chain whistle

Again, I never had to use it, but you never know. And I don’t think my voice would handle a high pitch if I need it.

3. A lock

Actually, I have a few. They come really useful when you travel: to lock your locker from the hostel (not always they have locks) or to use it for the backpack.

4. Swiss knife

This one is a must have.
Ok, I’m not gonna get lost in the jungle and I’m not gonna build a shelter with it, but you never know! I might become the next Bear Grylls, with better eyebrows though, cuz my Swiss has even a tweezers.

5. Split your Money

Even more, when I travel alone, I split my money and hide them in different places. If something happens, and you are alone, you are doomed without a backup.

6. Remember some numbers

In worst case scenario, you’ll need to know some numbers. Your passport number, your mom’s phone number, somebody’s number. This one I learned it on the hard way, so don’t do like me. Now everybody has my house key. 😀

7. Update on your location

Tell somebody where you are, at least once a day. I think this one speaks for itself.

It’s better to be prepared when you travel alone so you can fully enjoy the trip. And this is how I do it!

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