Finding the cheapest flight isn’t that hard. You just need to learn a few tricks and have patience.


1. Search on Tuesdays

Try searching for your flights on Tuesdays. I know from a reliable source that the flight companies are renewing their prices every Tuesday so, you’ll have good chances to catch the first cheap deals and low fares.



2. Go incognito


Select from your browser options to hide your search with incognito tabs. Why? Because your searches are saved in cookies. Haven’t you notice that every time you looked for some product online, it showed up in every banner ad in every site you visited?

This is why flight fares tend to increase if you search more than once. They know that you looked up those flights and they want to make you decide faster, by getting you scared with the increment of the fare. Not anymore!


3. Do your research

If you plan to go to a specific destination, then you need to research the fares on more than one website.

My favorite ones are:




• First, you need to find the cheapest day to fly. And you can do so by using Skyscanner:

Let’s say I plan to go to Sydney at the end of September and come back in October, no more than 2-3 weeks. The range between 27th of September and 13th of October appeals to me the most. The price of the ticket would be 1.141 RON (Romanian Currency).

• Second, you need to check that specific flight on the other websites too, to make a comparison.



For the same flights, momondo offers me a ticket that costs 1.209RON and Kiwi offers me 1.342RON. For other destinations, these websites might have better rates, this time wasn’t the case.

• The last, but maybe the most important step is to check that particular flight on the airline’s website. Sometimes it’s even cheaper there, but only sometimes. It’s not a rule.

4. Look for any destination


If you are like me and you just wanna travel the globe, with not a specific destination in mind, then use the tool provided by Skyscanner and look for any destination. You can choose by the lowest price depending on your budget.


But my favorite website I use for this kind of trips is called SecretFlying.

I just love it! They post the airlines’ error fares and they actually work! I managed to buy myself a flight from Turkey to Kuala Lumpur with only 170 euros and I flew with Qatar. I bought the ticket from a Dutch website and I had to use all the time google translate to see what exactly I’m doing there, but it worked!!! Couldn’t be happier!

5. Subscribe

Yeah, actually it works. The budget airlines have different promotions and they are pretty good if you don’t mind planning a trip with a lot in advance. For example, AirAsia has even free seats for specific flights, the only thing you need to pay is the airport tax (around 5$).


These are my tips and tricks that I’ve learned since I started traveling and they help me every time to find the cheapest plane tickets. I hope they’ll help you too 🙂

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