To have a really nice meal doesn’t mean that you need to pay a lot for it. And even when you do, it’s not always as tasty as it should be. When you travel, things get even harder, but this doesn’t mean that the best budget food should be a bad one.

So, how one can have a nice meal on a budget while traveling?


1. Ask a local

They know where the good stuff is. Let’s put it this way: the food for tourists will always be more expensive. Why? Because they don’t know where to go for the cheaper one and, the local restaurant must make a living, it’s called tourism.

Let’s say you just bought a souvenir from a shop. Just ask the seller. He might guide you to a nice place to eat. You even can ask a random local from the street. He will not have any obligations to guide you to an expensive place.

2. Cook for yourself

When you travel, you’ll not always find the local food good for your taste. In Asia, “no spicy” means “at least 2 peppers”. I know that is good to hydrate yourself, but you need a lot of water to put out that fire. 

Most of the hostels have a kitchen, fully equipt with stove and pans. You can even share the costs of the ingredients with your friends or your new friends from there.

3. Buy from a local market

“Local” means “cheap” in the travelers’ dictionary, you need to remember this. So, go and find yourself a local market. You cannot imagine how cheap things are here and, the great part is that you can negotiate. Why pay 10$ for a grilled fish at a restaurant, when it costs less than 3$ at the market. KaBoom!

4. Make friends

I know how it sounds, but it’s not what you are thinking about! (What are you thinking about?)

I cannot remember how many times it happened to be invited by locals to eat with them. I was never alone, ok?! Always we were a small group of 3 or 4.

If you think better, you would do the same, if you didn’t do it already. When you meet nice people, that are not from around, it’s just great to have a nice meal with them and exchange some thoughts with somebody else than your usual friends or family.

So go there and be that nice person that somebody will meet today!

We even got invited to have lunch in a bazaar shop in East Turkey, after buying just a scarf.




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