It’s really great to plan and share trips with friends, but sometimes is overwhelming the number of things that need planning. Not to mention the fact that there are going to be more opinions to be taken into consideration. Planning a great trip with friends is not that hard as it looks.

The best way to prevent making frustrated decisions on the spot is to plan ahead and let everybody share their expectations before the trip.


1. Google Sheet

This is the easiest way to share with everybody the details of the trip and to have it all the time with you, on your phone.

In the Google Sheet, you should including everything from the main aspects of the trip, like transportation & accommodation, to small things, like places to see or food that you need to try.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Transportation (Flight/Bus/Train/Car) – booking information (time, location)
  • Accommodation – reservation details, location, photo, things that are included
  • Must see & do – name of the activity, short description/photo, location, price
  • Must try – Name of the Food, location, price
  • Itinerary – short description of the itinerary

You can check my google sheet template here



2. Splitwise

This is a really great app to use when you travel with friends and you share costs for different things. You just download it from the App Store / Google Play Store and invite your friends with their email.

After you setup your account, you need to make a new group where you include all your friends that are coming on that specific trip.

So, for example, before one of our trips, one of us did some groceries and paid for them. Another one paid for the gas and I paid for the accommodation. We added all the costs in the app and we can see who needs to pay whom the difference. We do this at the end of the trip because normally are more costs than these. Usually, one should be in charge of adding the expenses in the app, to avoid duplicates. Easy peasy! No more lists and headaches.

3. Book in advance

Seems obvious but, if you book in advance as much as possible, there will be fewer things to worry about.

And I’ll give you some reasons why:

  • Is cheaper. Usually, the prices tend to go up if you buy the tickets closer to your departure and it applies even to rented cars.
  • You have more options to choose from.
  • Bigger chances for everybody to attend the trip. I know, all of us have that kind of friends that at last minute they’ll “make a U-turn” because they change their mind. And all the sharing costs will go up because of that. If they are more motivated to attend the trip, if they pay in advance, then motivate them!
  • All opinions will be taken into consideration. If all of your friends know in advance the itinerary, which they agreed with, arguments will be avoided. At least everybody brought their opinions forward and the majority decided.
  • Is less time-consuming. I think everybody went through the situation when there was no plan and in order to decide, it took way too long time. You can save a lot of time for other activities if you plan ahead.

It’s good to plan ahead but, this doesn’t mean you need to plan every minute of the trip. I love how sometimes I end up doing something new and fun that you never expected to do. But, I hate when small things that could have been plan ahead ruin the whole trip. Just be prepared and also be open-minded if something doesn’t go according to the plan, you might be surprised how good can it get.

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