When you choose to travel often you find yourself in the need to cut down the budget for accommodation, so you choose to stay in a hostel.  But on what can you compromise on and what you cannot when choosing a hostel?


I made up my own list on what I cannot compromise in order to have a good trip:

1. A locker

Safety comes first. I need to have a locker where I can leave my valuable stuff at all times.

2. Bed Blinds

When you choose to stay in a shared room you agree to share everything in there, even the morning lights. For some, these are at 7 in the morning when they need to catch their train.


3. A good location

Ok. I agreed to stay in a cheap hostel, but at least it should be in the center of the city, or close to it. Doesn’t make sense to pay the difference on transportation and to lose even more time on getting there.


4.  A decent bathroom

I’m not asking for a jacuzzi or a bubble bath, but I want to be able to enter the bathroom without fainting.


5. Free Internet Connection

I know, nowadays all of them have internet but, sometimes there are some hostels that they don’t have. Or if they have, it barely works or you need to pay for it. It’s important to stay connected with your family, especially when you are traveling alone.


These are my top 5 things that a decent hostel must have. Maybe your list is different. Which ones are yours?

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