I arrived a couple of days ago in Kuala Lumpur and I’m still trying to get used to everything; to eat with the spoon and the fork (they don’t use knife, strange, I know), the hot weather and with their broken English.


In Malaysia, you find three races: Malay, Chinese and Indians.

From curiosity, I asked them how is it in India or China, and they told me they don’t know,  and more than that, they don’t even speak Mandarin or Hindi.
Well, because they have been living here for many generations and the language has not been passed on to the next ones.
The bad part is that they do not always get along with each other, but they have somehow learned to make compromises and to accept themselves.
You must, however, be careful not to confuse them, because you could insult them, if you tell them that they are Malaysians when they are actually Chinese, for example.
I know what you think! How can I confuse them?
The skin colour it’s not a distinctive sign like I used to think, so I look at the eyes. (What? Don’t judge me! For a foreigner is pretty confusing 🙈 )


And they speak in…

I think it’s English. They don’t use nouns or articles, just verbs! Okay, I’m mean now. The fact that even older people speak English, It is admirable. I think it’s harder to understand them because of their accent, but they actually speak really good.  It’s perfect as an expat to live here; In most Asian countries, they only speak their native language.



The heat…a major factor

It is so f%#$ hoooot! It’s not because you sweat, I think the water vapors stick to you.
As soon as you got out of the shower! Because I’m always in a rush and I hate to be late, the outcome is not too dry. Well, now I have to do everything in slow motion; I feel like Keanu Reeves when he avoids the bullets in Matrix, in my mission to remain dry with the drops of water in the atmosphere.

But the problem does not end here!
If you want to know what clothes to bring, when you come here, I really do not know what to recommend! Outside is too hot and indoor are freezing temperatures.
“Lucky” I brought only summer clothes, to have more outfits, every day, at the same time; depending on what comes on top.

Inside, and I’m not joking, are 18 degrees C.


(Maybe you thought I was joking, so I attached the proof)

But why??? Why is it so cold?
Their answer? If they never have winter here, at least to simulate it in the office, at home, wherever they can.
And guess what another idea they had?
If it’s so hot outside, they eat really spicy in order to sweat and cool down.
So how ?! Doesn’t make any sense!

Conclusion: Bring your winter clothes and some swimsuits. If you go out, you’ll  look anyway like you just came out of the pool.


The food is…

Well, here you really have from where to choose. Here, the meaning of spicy is at a totally new level. I’m that kind that tears even at the KFC chicken wings, but here I’m happy that I can find quite a few non-spicy dishes.


And now comes the part: But, how much does it cost? Well, 1 American Dollar are 4 Ringgit. Imagine that for the lunch I pay 1,5 dollars. If I want to eat fancy I pay 5 dollars. Alcohol is expensive here because they are Muslims and have a lot of taxes. But don’t think is that expensive, a beer is around 5 dollars.

And after followed….the last impressions.

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